Gerry standing to the right of 5 hanging pieces of art. The first features a wooded road, the second a leopard on a branch, the third a small beached boat, the fourth a beach scene with grass and the furthest a polar bear in an arctic scene.

Local Artist Selling Artwork To Raise Funds For Vision Norfolk

These works by Norfolk artist Gerry Nelson are for sale with 80% donated to Vision Norfolk. The inspiration for this is partly due to the memory of his deaf/blind mother being thrilled to receive a £10 present from the charity sometime around the 1950’s.
These are original works using, mainly, Winsor and Newton quality materials, and from, mostly, his own sketches or photographs. They will be hanging in our Norwich hub throughout the holiday season.
If you are interested in finding out more please contact Gerry at 01508 520109 or via email at [email protected].
Please note these are paintings created by a sighted artist in honour of his late mother.
Painting of a wooded country lane

Lane at Kirstead: Norfolk

Watercolour, 48cm by 63cm

£120 (£96 to Vision Norfolk)

Painting of leopard lying on a log.

Leopard at Rest

Charcoal and Watercolour, 56cm by 76cm

£180 (£144 to Vision Norfolk)

Close up picture of one of the paintings featuring a small grounded boat and row boat on the beach.

Kings Lynn Docks

Oil on Primed MDF Board, 40cm by 71 cm

£160 (£128 to Vision Norfolk)

Close up picture of one of the paintings featuring beach grass and a large open sky.

North Norfolk Landscape

Oil on Canvas, 50cm by 80cm

£180 (£144 to Vision Norfolk)

Artwork featuring a polar bear over looking an arctic ocean scene

Polar Bear Lookout!

Watercolour, 43cm by 62cm 

£150 (£120 for Vision Norfolk)

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