Karen Norton and Andrew Morter

New Chair For Norfolk’s Sight Loss Charity

Norfolk’s sight loss charity Vision Norfolk has a new Chair of Trustees, Karen Norton, who takes over from Richard Hanson and Simon Stokes, who have stepped down as Co-Chairs.

Mrs Norton, who was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa in 1996 and is now severely visually-impaired with little or no peripheral vision, has been a trustee of the charity since 2016.

She spent 27 years teaching in Norfolk, much of the time working as both a class teacher and a coordinator with responsibility for Special Needs and Inclusion.  This involved looked-after children, child protection, medical care plans, English as a second language, and anything to do with inclusion issues.

“My aim is to help Vision Norfolk reach out to more visually-impaired people right across the county, and build up our services so that we can help more people to live independent and fulfilling lives,” said Mrs Norton.

“Vision Norfolk is one of the oldest charities in the county, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t constantly be seeking out new and better ways to deliver the support, as people’s needs evolve over time.”

Vision Norfolk appointed a new chief executive, Andrew Morter, in January.  Former Co-Chair Richard Hanson will remain as a trustee of the charity, while Simon Stokes is stepping down from the board after nearly eight years.

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