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New Group Aims To Support People Experiencing Sudden Sight Loss

Losing your sight suddenly can be a traumatic occurrence – and now a new informal peer support group has been established to help those going through that experience.

Norfolk’s sight loss charity Vision Norfolk has set up the new group to enable people who have lost their sight suddenly to share their experiences, meet new people, and support each other in coming to terms with their sight loss.

“While any form of sight loss can be a difficult thing to come deal with, those who lose their sight suddenly have much less time to come to terms with the change to their lives than those whose sight deteriorates gradually,” said Barbara Dunn, Services Manager at Vision Norfolk.

“People can lose their sight suddenly in a number of ways, including accidents and illness, and often they have to come to terms with that sight loss at the same time as they might be dealing with other traumas involved in what has happened.

“As well as the obvious practical difficulties involved, sudden sight loss can be terribly isolating, which is why we have set up this new group to provide peer-to-peer support.  Knowing that you are not alone in such a situation can be a huge reassurance.”

The group will meet on Monday 5th June at the charity’s Norwich hub at the Bradbury Activity Centre in Beckham Place in the city, with further regular meetings planned.  The sessions are free, and tea, coffee and cake is provided.

More details are available by calling Vision Norfolk on 01603 573000.

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