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Using Your Disabled Travel Pass in Norfolk

If you live in Norfolk and are registered as blind or partially sighted you are eligible for a disabled travel pass with a blind or partially sighted enhancement from Norfolk County Council. This pass allows you to travel for free on buses at any time of the day across Norfolk.


You may also be entitled to a companion enhancement if you are eligible for a disabled pass, and are unable to walk to a bus stop, or get on or off a bus without assistance. The companion enhancement entitles the disabled pass holder to have one companion with them who can travel for free.


On Wednesday 17th August Radio Norfolk had Bob Shore on their breakfast show to talk about struggles he’s had using his disabled travel pass to regularly travel around Norfolk. Bob spoke about how some bus drivers have refused to allow him to travel completely free during peak times when he travels from Terrington St Clement to North Walsham to visit his brother. He says he has now resorted to carrying a letter of authority from Norfolk County Council which explains that he is entitled to this concessionary free travel 24/7. He also explained in the interview that there had been lots of embarrassing moments for him when trying to board buses before 9:30am and that he had to insist that the bus driver read his letter and looked more closely at his bus pass.


Issues like this could be due to a confusion on busses between a regular disabled travel pass and one with a blind or partially sighted enhancement. A disabled travel pass entitles you to free travel on all off-peak services (from 9:30am until the last bus of the day) Monday to Friday and at all times during weekends and Bank Holidays. However If you are making an application under the blind or partially sighted criteria, the blind or partially sighted enhancement will be added automatically. This enhancement allows for you to travel for free at all times, including before 9:30am on weekdays. This pass has a clock face at the top, indicating you can travel at any time. If you have a companion enhancement your pass will also have a C in the top right hand corner.


Thank you to Radio Norfolk and Bob for highlighting this issue.


We would like to know if any of you have had this issue trying to use your concessionary bus pass. Can you please share your experiences by calling 01603 573000 or emailing [email protected].


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