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Writing Wednesday – A Fun Day

Throughout the month of September we will showcasing some of the work created by the Vision Norfolk Creative Writing Group.


This week we have the piece ‘A Fun Day’ by Judith Manning.

A Fun Day

by Judith Manning



Penny is a pony

With a flowing auburn mane.

She kicks her heels and gallops round

making a frightful neighing sound.

She munches on apples and polos all day,

But shakes her head when they offer her hay.


Poppy is a puppy

With a glossy, shiny coat.

She chases things and bounces round

Making a growling yapping sound.

She likes to play ball and eat biscuits all day,

But runs away when they tell her to “STAY”.


Penny and Poppy are busy all day,

Galloping, chasing and running away,

But hungry and tired

At half past three

Sarah and Susan go home for their tea.



©Judith Manning July 2023.

The Vision Norfolk Creative Writing Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Norwich Hub to share and discuss their writing.


If you’re interested in joining the group you can find out more by contacting Mark at 01603 573000 Ext. 341 or via email at [email protected]

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