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Writing Wednesday – Dementional Dogma-tactics

Throughout the month of September we will showcasing some of the work created by the Vision Norfolk Creative Writing Group.


This week we have the piece ‘Dementional Dogma-tactics’ by David Foulds.

Dementional Dogma-tactics

by David Foulds


Me: (Finding on the premises a rather blurred and not quite recognisable person with apparently energetically bouncing other forms attached). Hello, can I help you?  


She: Oh. No worries. I am quite all right.


Me: Looking for someone?


She: I am trying to get to the office. I am just following these dogs. (The blurry bouncers can now to be identified as a pair of hounds, on leads).


Me: Ah . . . you want the reception desk at the Bradbury Centre then? You are quite near. I guess those dogs will know the way.  


She: They are better than a brain. I used to have one myself, but it’s completely gone these days.


Me: Same here. I mean my brain is not working too well either.


She: Anyway, thanks for your help, John.


Me: I am David, Betty.


She: Who is Betty?


Me: Excuse me. So sorry. Did I get your name wrong?  That is always happening!


She: I’m Vi. Anyway I hope your day will be a really great one David.


Me: Yes, me too . .  or should that be you too . . . or . . . what?  HELP!!!





©David Foulds July 2023.

The Vision Norfolk Creative Writing Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Norwich Hub to share and discuss their writing.

If you’re interested in joining the group you can find out more by contacting Mark at 01603 573000 Ext. 341 or via email at [email protected]

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