Vision impaired archer Jason Beasley is guided by Archery GB coach Andy Beer

Archery Sessions Launched For Vision Impaired People In And Around Fakenham

Vision impaired people in and around Fakenham are being offered the chance to add another string to their bow – with the launch of monthly archery sessions being held on the outskirts of the town.

The sessions, which will take place on the fourth Wednesday of every month, will enable vision impaired people to take part in a sport which they may have previously thought was not possible for them to participate in.

The archery takes place in the Hempton Memorial Hall, and is run by Andy Beer, a fully licensed and qualified Archery GB coach.  After a warm-up and practice session, an informal team tournament is held each time, with vision impaired competitors and Vision Norfolk volunteers taking part.

“Vision Norfolk is very much about supporting people living with sight loss to find out what they can do, and for many that can be surprising,” said Chris Biddulph, west Norfolk community outreach worker for Vision Norfolk.

“We tend to think of archery as being a sport where 20/20 vision is vital, but this is showing us that anyone can take part and enjoy it – and at the first session there were some surprisingly good archers among those taking part.”

Taking part for the first time at the February meeting was Jason Beasley, a former scaffolder from King’s Lynn who lost his sight over a short period last September, and who is now severely blind.  Although he can just about make out the outline of the target, he can’t see much more than that – but this has not stopped him from taking on the archery challenge.

“When I lost my sight, I realised there were lots of things I could no longer do.  When someone at Vision Norfolk suggested archery, I was like ‘what, seriously?’, but I am someone who likes to challenge myself, so I had to give it a go.

“I really enjoy coming here and doing the best I can.  One important aspect is the social side of it.  Having recently lost my sight, it is inspiring to talk to others who have learnt how to live a fulfilled life, and to share their experiences.  You can get very isolated when you are vision impaired, and activities like this enable me to meet people.

“Andy is a really natural coach who makes it seem the most natural thing in the world that vision impaired people should be doing archery.”

Anyone who would like to take part in the monthly Vision Norfolk archery sessions at Fakenham can find out more by visiting, or by contacting the Vision Norfolk West Norfolk hub via email at [email protected], or on 01553 660808.

The sessions are free of charge, and transport is available if needed, subject to volunteer availability.  Vision Norfolk also runs a monthly archery session in Downham Market, on the first Monday of each month.

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