Vision Norfolk volunteer Alison Bates, who runs the monthly Great Yarmouth audio book club

Great Yarmouth Audio Book Club For Vision Impaired People Seeking New Members

Vision impaired people in and around Great Yarmouth are being urged not to miss out on the joy of books – by taking part in a monthly Audio Book Club which takes place at the town’s library.

Run by Vision Norfolk, the monthly book club is one of eight across the county, with members meeting to discuss the chosen book of the month.  Members receive the audio book on either a CD or USB memory stick.

Now the Great Yarmouth group is looking for more members from vision impaired people in the area.

“With the onset of sight loss, many people find it difficult to enjoy the pleasures of reading,” said volunteer Alison Bates, who runs the Great Yarmouth club.  “This is where audio books come into play, and they are a vital means of enjoying a favourite book.

“Reading is always one of the things that people miss when they start losing their sight, along with social interaction.  The audio book club provides both of these things: companionship as well as lively conversation about the book we have all been listening to.

“We read a huge variety of books – they are certainly not all highbrow or literary classics!  The titles are generally the kind of books that most enthusiastic readers might find on their shelves.  Our meetings are informal and friendly, we try to make them fun.”

Club member Shaun, from Bradwell, has been coming to the group for 20 years.  He was sighted as a young person, but started to lose his sight at the age of 25 and is now registered blind.

“I had always enjoyed reading, so when I could no longer see well enough to read actual books, I moved on to audio books,” he said.

“Audio books offer a very different experience to reading a printed book.  The reader puts emotion into the performance, and almost becomes part of the book.  Sometimes you find yourself grinning like a Cheshire cat or shedding a tear as you listen

“I love coming to the book club.  Not only do I get to discuss with others who share my love of books, but there is an important social side as well.  It is easy to get isolated when your sight goes, and the club is full of friendly people.  I really enjoy coming.”

The Great Yarmouth Audio Book Club meets on the last Friday of every month from 1.30pm to 3pm in the town’s library.  Attendance and the loan of the audio books is free for members. Refreshments are available for purchase.

Anyone interested in taking part – no matter the extent of their sight loss – can contact Vision Norfolk’s Great Yarmouth hub on 01493 745973 or by emailing [email protected].

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