NNAB Annual General Meeting – 19 November

Unfortunately, it is not possible to hold our 2020 AGM in the usual way. The Board of Management (Trustees) has carefully considered the most appropriate arrangements for this year’s AGM in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving public health advice and legal restrictions imposed by the second lockdown. The meeting will be limited to voting members only, with key personnel and external advisors in attendance.

In addition to the normal business of the AGM, there are a number of important resolutions prepared by the Board that members are being asked to consider and vote on. Attendance will be remotely via Zoom and voting arrangements have been put in place to ensure all members are able to participate.

In the interests of good governance, the Board considers it essential that all members with a right to vote are able to do so and are not disenfranchised due to the additional challenges presented by COVID-19. To this end, the Board has decided that members shall be able to attend the 2020 AGM and cast their votes remotely, via video call or telephone call. The identify of any member attending remotely will be confirmed and his or her votes clearly acknowledged.

The 2020 AGM will be limited to key items of charity business and governance rather than the usual public celebration of the charity’s work. We hope to hold a public celebration event at a later date.

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