Book Lover Sought To Lead Audio Book Club For Vision Impaired People In Dereham

A literature lover is being sought to help Dereham-based vision impaired book-lovers enjoy their passion at a monthly audio book club.

With the retirement of a longstanding volunteer, the Vision Norfolk Dereham audio book club is looking for someone to lead the group, which meets at the town’s library once a month.

Run by the Norfolk’s sight loss charity Vision Norfolk, the monthly book club is one of seven across Norfolk, with members meeting to discuss the chosen book of the month.  Members receive the audio book on either a CD or memory stick.

The clubs rely on volunteers to lead discussions about the month’s books, which are usually attended by around six vision impaired readers.

“Our audio book clubs are an important part of our programme of activities designed to bring vision impaired people in the county together and provide both social contact and the chance to share their love of literature,” said Penny Parker, volunteer engagement co-ordinator at Vision Norfolk.

“The Dereham club has been meeting for a number of years, and now we need to find a volunteer who is willing to lead the meetings once a month.  All they need to bring is a love of books, and a sociable personality – we make all of the practical arrangements.

“With the onset of sight loss, many people find it difficult to enjoy the pleasures of reading.  This is where audio books come into play, and they are a vital means of enjoying a favourite book.  We read a huge variety of books – they are certainly not all highbrow or literary classics!  The titles are generally the kind of books that most enthusiastic readers might find on their shelves.  Our meetings are informal and friendly, we try to make them fun.”

The Dereham Audio Book Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 10.30am to 12pm in the town’s library.  Attendance and the loan of the audio books is free for members, thanks to Norfolk County Council funding.

Anyone interested in volunteering to lead the club can contact Penny Parker on 01553 407004 or via email at [email protected].

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