Students from Helelsdon High School undertaking a blindfold challenge to raise awareness of sight loss

Hellesdon Students Don Blindfolds To Find Out What Life Is Like Living With Sight Loss

Students from Hellesdon High School donned blindfolds to find out what it’s like to experience sight loss, as part of a day of activity aimed at supporting Norfolk’s sight loss charity Vision Norfolk.

The group of Year 12 students chose the charity as part of a National Citizen Service programme aimed at helping young peoples’ personal and social development, and undertook to hold a day of activities at the school to raise awareness of sight loss, as well as raise funds to help the work that Vision Norfolk does to support vision impaired people across the county.

The group organised a lunchtime blindfold obstacle challenge in the school’s gym, inviting students from all years in the school to come and have a go in exchange for a small donation.

A second group took part in a charity car wash at the school, cleaning staff and visitors’ cars to raise money for the charity.  In total £89 was raised during the day.

“This was a really imaginative way of engaging with the charity, combining efforts to raise money with a clever activity to help students start to understand what it is like to live with sight loss,” said Rob Collins, individual giving manager at Vision Norfolk.

“We are very grateful to the students who took part and to the National Citizen Service for enabling it to happen.”

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