Barry Moody of Swingymabob, Teresa Bell, Rhiannon Kay and Evelyn Bell at the tea dance

Lindyhoppers Take To The Dancefloor To Support Young People Living With Sight Loss

Nearly 100 jivers and Lindyhoppers put on their dancing shoes at a tea dance to raise over £1,000 to support young people in Norfolk living with sight loss.

The event, at Wreningham Village Hall, was organised by dance school Swingymabob to raise money for the Children, Young people and Families programme run by Norfolk’s sight loss charity Vision Norfolk.

Swing dance enthusiasts came from all over Norfolk and Suffolk to take part in the tea dance, with proceeds from tickets, together with further generous donations from participants, all going to the charity.

Guest of honour was seven year-old Rhiannon Kay from Alpington, who has been part of the Vision Norfolk programme all her life.

Rhiannon has aniridia, which means she has no irises, as well as nystagmus, which causes involuntary wobbling.  Although she has some close-up vision, her distance vision and depth perception are poor.  Despite these setbacks, she is determined to live a full life, and enjoys many adventurous activities run by the charity.

Attending with her mum Teresa and gran Evelen, Rhiannon took to the microphone to thank the dancers for their support – and joined in on the dance floor, too.

Vision Norfolk’s children, young people and families co-ordinator Josh Batholomew said, “The support we provide for vision impaired young people and their families is a vital part what we do.

“Putting on the activities and providing that support is entirely dependent on the generosity of people in Norfolk, and we are extremely grateful to Swingymabob and everyone who took part in the tea dance and helped raise such a magnificent sum.”

More details about Vision Norfolk’s Children, Young People and Families programme can be found at

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