Seething Art Group presentation to Vision Norfolk

Seething Amateur Artists’ Exhibition Raises £700 For County’s Sight Loss Charity

A group of amateur artists in Seething have raised £700 for Norfolk’s sight loss charity after they put on an exhibition of their work in the local village hall.

The Seething Art Group, which consists of around 20 local people who come together to sketch, draw and paint on a Monday morning in Seething Village Hall, marked the end of their ‘term’ by inviting local people to view their work during a special preview evening and a weekend exhibition.

The event raised £700 for Vision Norfolk, as well as contributing around £300 to village hall funds.

Art group organiser Gerry Nelson, a retired teacher who has donated many of his own artworks to be sold for charity since he retired, persuaded members of the group, many of whom had never shown their work outside of their immediate families, to exhibit their art to the wider community.

“Some of the members were a little reticent at first, but the reaction to their pictures was overwhelmingly positive, with some being sold during the exhibition,” said Gerry.

“As well as encouraging each other’s artistic efforts, the group is a great social club, and brings people together every week to paint and draw together, as well as chat over a cup of coffee.”

Gerry’s own mother was blind, and the work of Vision Norfolk to help vision impaired people in the county enjoy independent and fulfilled lives has inspired him and the group to use the exhibition to raise money for the charity.

Mr Nelson is also exhibiting some of his work at Vision Norfolk’s Norwich hub in Beckham Place, with proceeds from any pictures sold also going to the charity.

Vision Norfolk community fundraising and communications officer Erin Snell said, “It was great to visit the Seething Art Group and see the enthusiasm and the talent on display there.  We are very grateful for their support for Vision Norfolk and the important work we do helping people living with sight loss in the county.”

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