Bare Bones Exhibit

Great Yarmouth


Join us on the minibus from our Great Yarmouth Hub to visit the Bare Bones Exhibition at Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth. This exhibition invites visitors of all ages to explore the beauty, and secrets, of animal skeletons. Skeletons help us to understand how animals move, but they can tell us much more; these intricate structures reveal what animals eat, where they live, how they give birth. They can show us how different species are linked – and how they have evolved. There are over 20 animals, represented in dynamic 3D exhibits, stunning images and interactive displays.


The trip is taking place on Monday 2nd October. You are most welcome to meet us at the museum if that’s more convenient for you, just let us know. We are asking for a £5 refundable deposit.


To find out more or book your place please contact Catherine at 01493 745973 or email [email protected].


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