Young People Celebrating Christmas


Sight loss doesn’t just affect the child, it has a profound effect on those around them. At Vision Norfolk, we are here to support the whole family.

When a child is registered with sight loss or visual impairment, it is a difficult time for all and takes some time to adjust to. We know it’s easy to get caught up in looking after your child, but it is important to look after your own wellbeing too, as it can feel lonely and isolating.

We recognise the importance of bringing families together, creating a valuable support network for one another. Once a month we hold a social evening for parents and careers, to provide the opportunity to connect with others in similar positions. Talking to other parents and carers is a great way to get support, information, advice and to learn. It is your time to chat freely from topics such as home or school life to technology.

Each get together is facilitated by Barbara, the young people and families’ activity coordinator at Vision Norfolk. Barbara has first-hand experience of having a child with sight loss, as her 13 year old son Marcus, is registered as severely sight impaired.

We also encourage families to get involved in the activities, whether this be siblings, parents, carers or any other family members.

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