Collage of 6 images: top left is the pink splat "take on 250" logo, a women lane swiming, hands knitting, on the bottom left is legs in brightly coloured shoes running, hands cutting butter into a bowl with flour and cyclists racing

Take on 250 for Vision Norfolk

1st January – 31st January

Take on 250 – Choose your challenge and make a fresh start in 2023

Every day in the UK, 250 people begin to lose their sight, and that’s why we need you to Take on 250 for Vision Norfolk. New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start. So why not push yourself with a challenge and brighten up your January.

Choose a new challenge or take on something you know you love. Either way, it’s a great kick start to your New Year. Walking, running, cycling or swimming; cake-baking or singing; dancing or knitting; it’s all up for grabs – and you complete 250 of whatever challenge you decide. It could take 250 minutes or hours, involve 250 steps or laps, 250 repetitions or making 250 items.

You get to choose your own fundraising target; we just ask you to raise as much as you can.

How it works:

  1. Choose Your Challenge: What is something you love to do or something you would love to try? You could run, swim, bake, sing, cycle, craft, read…. the possibilities are endless.
  2. Pick Your Target: 250 miles, steps, pages, cupcakes, songs, repetitions, etc.
  3. Set Your Timeframe: Is the challenge going to take the full month of January? Are you picking a specific day or a week?
  4. Choose Your Fundraising Goal: It can be anything you want. Everything you raise helps to support local people living with sight loss.
  5. Tell The World: Make sure to register your interest so we can help you get started. Then you can start telling your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. The more people that know the more likely you’ll stick to your goal (and the more money you’ll raise for local people).

Get inspired:

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bake 250 cakes
  • Walk 250 laps of your local park
  • Do 250 minutes of yoga
  • Cycle 250 miles
  • Write 250 poems
  • Climb your stairs 250 times
  • Sing 250 song requests
  • Complete 250 squats per day

If you have any questions you can get in contact via email at [email protected] or call Rob at 01603 573000 Ext. 365.